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What our patients have to say about us:

I just got back last night (November 08, 2011) from Dr. Alberto Coto's office in San Jose, Costa Rica and I cannot wait to give this review. I have wanted this work done for years but, like everybody else, I could never afford it. My front teeth had ground down and one even became jagged. They were always quite yellow and I had now become a redneck-looking-Bubba-from-Tennessee because of my teeth. I did my best to overcome being self-conscious but I was still embarrassed by my smile and I LOVE TO LAUGH AND SMILE! What a shame.
I am doing this blog for one reason alone is GRATEFULNESS and the desire to pay it forward. I am not receiving anything else. Dr. Coto went way and above the call of duty for me and I want everybody who can go to him to go. We agreed on a basic price before I came but when he saw my teeth he decided more work needed to be done. (You can see it coming already, can't you? The guy gets you to another country, you're in the chair, and then he tells you that you need a LOT MORE WORK, which is going to cost you a LOT MORE MONEY, right? WRONG! Yes, he did explain to me that I would be better off with additional work and that he would prefer to give me crowns (which cost more than veneers) instead of veneers, because of my grinding. BUT, he said he would charge the exact same price. Why? Because it was better for me and because he wanted the work to be done right. NO WAY! But that is the truth. The difference in the price was a lot of money and he did exactly what he promised. Go figure. How many dentists in the U.S. or in Costa Rica for that matter, are going to do that? Now you see why I am writing this blog and giving this review.
Larry M, Full Crowns Rehabilitation
When I learned about the Dental Tourism Industry in Costa Rica for the first time, I thought that it is a good opportunity for me to fix my smile and at the same time have a nice vacation. It’s not a secret that Costa Rica offers some of the most spectacular scenery on this Planet: Rainforests and Volcanoes, Beaches (Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean) and Parks, as well as an enormous number of different species, exotic birds, reptiles and butterflies. But to me the Dental part was the priority – first things first. Using a very useful website,, I found information about Implant & Cosmetic Solutions run by Dr. Alberto Coto Calvo. I contacted the clinic and a response with the requested info came the same day. Then I sent a few more emails to Dr. Coto to find out more about the whole process, prices and/or to clarify the information received. And every time the clinic responded in a timely manner with straight answers to my questions. Basically, Implant & Cosmetic Solutions Dental Clinic's BUSINESS MODEL can be expressed in simple words: -Worry free Superior dental care for a reasonable price!- Also, they use high quality dental materials in their work and moreover, they will pick you up and drop you off at the airport and will drive you back and forth for your dental appointments. It is very convenient and a very nice gesture on their part. I purchased airline tickets and was on my way. The clinic, and in particular International Patient Coordinator, Customer Care and Operations Manager Mr. Olger Gonzalez, booked a space for me at the MyHouseInn place, located in a good neighborhood and operated by nice and polite lady Maria. For the price of $35 USD per night MyHouseInn offered me a private room with a private bathroom, TV, free Internet access, free worldwide phone calls, two meals per day (Costa Rican breakfast and dinner, local cuisine, I enjoyed the meals very much) and a friendly and respectful service. They have a kitchen as well where you can prepare tea or coffee and so on. When in one of the emails that I received, Dr. Coto mentioned that I need not worry about anything; the clinic will take care of things, I was skeptical. But a few days later, when the dental job was very well done and I needed a soft food diet, the MyHouseInn people already knew what to do and prepared special meals for me. It was very nice. The Clinic’s employees are friendly and all of them speak English. I needed 3 implants, 2 crowns and 5 dental fillings. That was the estimate from one of the doctors I went to before my departure to Costa Rica. Dr. Coto, after examining my mouth, suggested that I only need 5 dental fillings, 2 crowns and 2 (not 3) implants and a bone graft. So, the price went a little bit down, even though I had to pay for antibiotic meds ($25-$40) after the surgery. I was happy (a bone graft procedure costs less than an implant). I had plenty of free time to visit different places because the work mentioned above was professionally done by Dr. Coto (implants, a bone graft and crowns) and Dr. Jeynner Cruickshank (crowns, tooth fillings and a complimentary teeth cleaning – nice!) during 2 visits to the clinic only! Thank you very much gentlemen (and ladies)! To summarize my adventure: YES, I would recommend the Implant & Cosmetic Solutions Dental Clinic to other people, especially to those who want to combine business with pleasure.
Serge L., Crowns, bridges and Dental implants
Doctor Coto did an excellent job and I would highly recommend him for Dental work. I had four implants and it was quick with no pain. I saved a lot of money by coming here. He was very helpful in every way. Regarding accommodation, Maria's Village was great. Maria makes excellent homemade food and the accommodation with two mealtimes is very cheap.
Pravinkumar Pattel, Dental implants and Crowns
The first day I contacted the clinic I received a phone call right away from Dr.Coto which was nice. The appointment went extremely smoothly. I had two molar root canals done with crowns and I could not believe how painless it was. The entire staff was professional and very friendly. I would recommend Implant & Cosmetic Solutions to all my friends and family. Absolutely a wonderful experience for a great price and I would definitely visit again if I needed to!
Vanessa NY, City, Root Canal and Crowns

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